Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Mirror of Dharma Blog - 10,000 Views Update

  Dear Mirror of Dharma Blog Readers,

               Thank you all for reading, sharing, and supporting my blog! Last month, the blog received more than 2,400 page views, and over the course of this last year the count is more than...


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               It has been a tremendous challenge working on this blog, and I hope you have been inspired reading these articles as much as I have writing them for you.

               Because of this milestone, I want to thank everyone who shared Buddhism with me, helped directly with content for this blog, or offered great support along the way.

Pure Land Buddhist Master

Kentetsu Takamori 

Thanks to his support and guidance, 
I was able to learn and share these teachings with you. 
I am grateful beyond words to his work 
as both a teacher and a Buddhist.

Pure Land Buddhist Senior Missionaries

Pure Land Buddhist Academy Instructors

Pure Land Buddhist Missionaries

Translators, Missionaries, Teachers

Supportive Friends & Family

Evy Crosser (My mom!)
Jennifer Johnson 
Ingrid Graver
Jeff Hewitt
Alex Bayer
Toni Ogden
Jean Dodson
Diana Montane
Suzette Carrillo

Special thanks to

 Bita & Yuichi Asakura 
They have taught me so much about Buddhism, 
how to share the teachings, 
and also help edit this blog for content. 

And Thank You for Reading!

           I hope you will also help spread the word about Mirror Of Dharma and get involved with this blog too!

           ---Leave a comment on this blog sharing your thoughts. (Most my comments have been on Google Plus, but people here can't read them.) Remember, you can disagree with what I write, but it must foster a fair discussion or a friendly debate.

           --Ask questions! Feel free to message me or leave them as comments on the blog.

           --Make sure to click +1 to my posts if you liked them.

           --Share links to my articles on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media with your friends and family.

           Thank you all again so much! I hope you continue reading and studying Buddhism intently until you attain absolute happiness.


--Felix Crosser

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