Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Mirror of Dharma Blog - 20,000 Views Update

                           Hello everyone! First, I want to thank all the readers of Mirror of Dharma Blog for all your encouraging comments. It's been two great years of writing, and the blog now has more than 20,000 views!

Original Photo by bfick available on Flickr.com

                           Each blog post requires a lot of time and effort to write on my part and my Buddhist friends who help edit. This site is driven by volunteer efforts, which is why it takes a while to put up new entries. It's so important to make sure that the content is, above all else, as accurate as possible.

                          Many months ago, I finished adding dozens and dozens of new images to all the older posts that didn't have pictures before. So if you've already read a post or two, consider reading them again! I even made edits aimed at making the content more clear.

                           Remember, each lesson can be revisited again and again in order to deepen our own understanding of Buddhism. Although we think we grasp the Law of Cause and Effect, there is always more we can learn from the teachings. We must endeavor to listen deeply in order to find out who we really are.

                           Also... have you noticed the new URL address? In case you haven't it's:

                            Make sure to share it with all your friends! :-)

                           I'd like to thank the Blogger team for this wonderful interface to share articles with the world. And I'd like to thank GoDaddy! for hosting the new webpage.

                          I would also like to take this time to thank Flickr, Wylio, and Wikimedia Commons for providing all the wonderful, free images with permissions. Thank you to all the creative people who offer their images for fair use publication on these websites.

                         Right now the best Mirror of Dharma Blog experience is still on your PC or iPad. There are some format glitches for mobile phone users that I as of yet do not know how to correct. If you know of a solution to how to make the images appear better, please contact me.

                         By next year, I hope to have podcasts, video blogs, and even weekly online chats! Little by little, I hope to expand this website and find new ways to support Buddhism learning and activity around the world.

                          Feel free to email any questions or comments to purelandstudy@gmail.com or on my Twitter account @mirror_dharma.

                          In my next post Generosity - Sharing the Dharma with Family & Friends, I will link you with many resources and information. This way you can study Pure Land Buddhism both online and maybe even in person depending on where you live!

                           As we continue to advance toward discovering our true self, I wish you well and hope that you spend today carrying a smile. A smile is in the shape of an upside-down umbrella. But instead of raindrops, it catches little happinesses. The longer we wear one, the more we put ourselves and those around us at ease. :-)

Original Photo by Cris available on Flickr.com


--Felix Crosser

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