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A Law in Buddhism differs from the traditional sense of a law. Learn the basics of Buddhism.


We all want happiness. The Law of Cause and Effect reveals to us how to become happy.


3.) The Preciousness of Human Life

Do we really value the experience of being human beings? Buddhism teaches that it's very rare.



 How much is really enough for us? This short story by Leo Tolstoy illustrates our hunger for wealth.

We see others' faults clearly, but we overlook our own. Buddhism offers insight on who we really are.


Ill-gotten gains can often bring disastrous consequences.  We shouldn't lose our characters for greed.


Don't blame people or things for your misfortune. Reflect deeply, wish others well, and pain subsides.

Talent can be short-lived. True mastery is dedication to one's calling forged with persistent efforts. 



A talk show that features an introduction of the book, The Story of Buddha, and the Six Paramitas.




This is a true story of a royal family who struggled during the lifetime of Shakyamuni Buddha. 


 Learn from the turbulent life of a Buddhist master who lived more than 750 years ago.



This is a lesson taught by Shakyamuni Buddha to illustrate the importance of listening to Buddhism.


Basic Buddhist lessons taught over images of nature to help us conceptualize cause and effect.


Our destiny explained with clever graphics. The titles on screen are not yet translated.


Birthdays are celebrations of life. But one feudal lord took it as a solemn time to honor his mother.


 Shakyamuni Buddha explains through a parable the rareness of being born a human being.


Master Shinran shares the legacy of the seven masters who spread true Buddhism across the world.


This is a religious chant in Japanese known as the Sho Shin Ge (Hymn of True Faith) recited aloud.



A translator delivers the Law of Cause & Effect at the temple in Los Angeles on the blackboard.

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