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Los Angeles, California             Honolulu, Hawaii

                    Jodo Shinshu Shinrankai is the Pure Land Buddhist organization where I attend services. Our main temple in the United States is located in lovely Los Angeles, California, in the centrally-located City of Gardena. Please come on out and visit all of us soon! It's a short drive away for anyone living in the L.A. area. Schedules are available on our meetup.com page listed below. 


              For information about meetings in Los Angeles or any other U.S. locations, 
contact me at purelandstudy@gmail.com.


JAPAN - More than 50 locations

                 Our temple organization is headquartered Toyama, Japan on the central, western coast of Honshu. It's a few hours by bus from Tokyo, and it's just a one-hour flight from Narita or Haneda airports.

                   Our head teacher, Kentetsu Takamori, lectures there in the center's world-renowned 2,000 Tatami Mat Hall (seen below). It is an architectural wonder as it is a vast hall suitable for thousands upon thousands of people to gather all without the use of any pillars. The complex boasts many different buildings with classrooms and facilities to study Buddhism. The grounds have many beautiful ponds, hiking trails, and delicious cafes. 

                 Every year, we have two major events where followers from all over the world come together to learn the teachings. One is held in Spring, and the other in Fall. This year's Fall two-day event is on October 12 and 13. (In the U.S. time zone, that's Oct. 11 and 12).

                 You're very welcome to attend these conferences or the many other of the lectures held there year-round. 

                  There are also many other centers throughout the islands that you can visit.  If you would like information about visiting a center, please contact bitae22@hotmail.com.  


Email - gff02313@gmail.com


BRAZIL - Sao Paolo

                                  For those living in South America, feel free to make your way toward Brazil! There is one temple located outside Sao Paolo. The temple does not yet have its own webpage so feel free to view their address and phone number at the link below. More resources are available in the social media tab located in the menu above.

   Falar Português?  Email - castelanolk@gmail.com

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