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                              In the final moments before Shakyamuni Buddha's death, he was asked if he could sum up the 45 years of teachings in just a few words. His answer was that he shared the "Mirror of Dharma" with all humanity.

                               The word Dharma in Sanskrit means truth. So the Mirror of Truth is thus a way for us to see ourselves within the Buddha's teachings. It shows us exactly as we really are without any distortion. 

                               Mirrorofdharma.org is a personal, non-profit, educational website. Its goal is none other than to share with you the teachings of Pure Land Buddhism as I have learned them from my great teacher, Mr. Kentetsu Takamori

                               I do not receive funds for what is written here. All the efforts of this blog are all voluntary and made with the best intentions of conveying the teachings with the world.

                              There are many schools within Buddhism just as there are many different sects within other major religions. Each school explains the sutras differently. Sutras are written texts of Buddha's sermons. 

                             I hope you will discover the spiritual wealth I found within their lessons.

                               Writing these teachings accurately and in their entirety will take time, but I hope you will patiently embark on a journey with me to understand the meaning of why we're all alive. 

                              It is my great wish that you find solace within the content you find here in this blog.

                             Feel free to contact me at purelandstudy@gmail.com. I'd love to hear from you.

                                Whatever your spiritual background or faith, I welcome and encourage you with warmth and compassion to keep seeking your own truth, of course ask me about any doubts or questions as they come up, and practice the teachings that speak to you as best you can, until the moment your purpose of life is finally revealed to you.     

                               Now that you've found this great Pure Land Buddhist blog, make sure to bookmark it and share it with your friends and family too! :-)

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